Our Showcase

Building Business Intelligence Solutions to improve the decision-making abilities of our customers is what we do. This is a showcase of a small sample of the products and prototypes that we have built to give you a chance to see and test drive our solutions in a Power BI demo.

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Distributing Happiness

As the manager of a Sales and Distribution Company you know which measurements matter. Add to that the complexities of logistics whether in-house or outsourced and what we find is a process-heavy and often data rich environment for meaningful analytics.

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Pocket Financials

With the FreshBI Pocket Financials Dashboard we set out to demonstrate the ability of a well-designed dashboard to tell a complete story on one canvas. This provides users with a meaningful and interactive Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow in one view.

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Cash to Cash Dash

Arguably the most important ecosystem in your business, the Cash Conversion Cycle is a gauge on the performance-driving elements of your business... and surprisingly, most CEO’s do not know what the measure of their Cash Flow Conversion Cycle is, in number of days or how to reduce that number effectively.

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Cash Runaway Wizard

As a business owner, positive cash flow is the foundation of your ability to grow your business and shape its future. This FreshBI Cash Runway Wizard is ready to predict your working capital cash runway. This collects Accounts Payable and Receivable info and projects your future cash flow in a meaningful way.

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