Zendesk and Xero Harmonized In PowerBI: The Model

We needed a slick way to overcome these challenges….

  • how do I know that my consultants are contributing equally towards our minimum float amount?

  • How do I know I’m using my teams efficiently?

  • Which contracts are experiencing churn?

  • What contracts are taking too many resources?

  • How do I know that my Actual Billings match work completed?

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Michael BoisvertPower BI
Unlocking DAX Measures in Calculated Columns

DAX Measures are fundamentally different from calculated columns. They allow the user to aggregate and manipulate data in ways that calculated columns can not. What if there was a way to get the attribute like functionality of a calculated column, with the flexibility of a measure?…

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Craig JutaPower BI
Zendesk and Xero Harmonized In PowerBI

Growing business often run into similar problems on the quest for greatness. Most of these problems are encountered while pursuing the following:

  • The quest for profitability on projects and engagements with customers.

  • Centralized intelligence about the performance of projects and consultants. 

  • Analytics on the quality and speed of service to customers.

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Chris BradfordPower BI
5 Tips and Tricks Using Power BI Bookmarks

The possibilities and utility that bookmarks add to reports really is impressive. Though this feature is not brand new, it remains an extremely relevant tool and therefore is worth the time required to educate ourselves on the many uses.

Real life examples are excellent for relaying meaning. Therefore, I’m going to show one of my own reports and five unique ways I used bookmarks to enhance the user experience…

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Chris BradfordPower BI
Construction Console

With unpaid work, unfavorable payment terms, profitability measurement, project delays and technology adoption all major challenges stacking up against construction companies, this dashboard is an adoption of a technology that provides executives with real-time analytics in these key areas…

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Chris BradfordPower BI
Follow Along an Azure Data Factory Migration Process:

Hello again, if you read our last blog, you will remember that we outlined three of the most common scenarios that we find our customers in need of Azure Data Factory. We also showed you the architecture required to bring their solutions to life. Today our goal is to make our way all the way through the process of using Azure Data Factory to migrate an existing Amazon S3 database…

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Dmitry AnoshinPower BI