Project Your Future Capital with the Cash Runaway Wizard

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As a business owner, positive cash flow is the foundation of your ability to grow your business and shape its future. This FreshBI Cash Runway Wizard is ready to predict your working capital cash runway. This collects Accounts Payable and Receivable info and projects your future cash flow in a meaningful way.

The FreshBI Cash Runaway Wizard helps you visualize:

  • Your Working Cash Capital Runaway
  • Your Accounts Payable & Receivable
  • Your Purchase Orders & Invoices
  • Your Payroll & Other Cash Expenses

All built into the Cash Runaway Wizard, a Cash Projection Dashboard delivered with Microsoft Power BI.

Test Drive the Cash Runaway Wizard Platform


Demo our FreshBI Cash Runaway Wizard platform yourself, and if you're interested, connect with us and we will work with you to forge your next Business Intelligence Strategy.